Medializing the generic. A path out of the technological and economical excesses in contemporary architecture. A book on research and education in architecture and information technology, conceived of as philosophical interplay between two species similar in kind: neither of them is in the least disciplinal, both affect everything, and both are arts of structuring.The one 2,500 years old and dignified, the other just fifty years of age and impatient.

This book shifts the frame of reference for today’s network- and structure- oriented discussions from the applied computational tools of the twenti- eth century back to the abstractness of nineteenth–century mathematics. It rereads George Boole, Richard Dedekind, Hermann Grassmann, and Bernhard Riemann in a surprising manner. EigenArchitecture argues for a literacy of the digital, displacing the role of geometrical craftsmanship.

The book comprises a programmatic text on the role of technology in architecture, a philosophical text on the generic and on algebraic articulation, and seven exemplary projects by post-graduate students in 2012 at the Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.