The Summer 2015 PHD colloquium just ended, where we read Zalameo’s book together with Robert Blanché’s “L’Axiomatique” (read the French version, as the English translation just omitted the two crucial chapters on the implications of his discussion for science and philosophy at large!) and the latest work by Elias Zafiris on a Geometry of Spectra and the role of cryptography at work in algebra.

Robert Blanché’s book in english [Blanché_Axiomatics_better scan].
the two last chapters in the original French (omitted in the English translation) [Blanché Axiomatic last 2 chapters.]
Elias Zafiris: “The Nature of the Local/Global Distinctions, Group Actions, and Phases: A Sheaf-Theoretic Approach to Quantum Geometric Spectra.  [Elias Zafiris Nature of the Global Local Distinction].

A great review and a further putting-in-context-and-outlook of the key themes and intents in Fernando Zalamea’s book “Synthetic philosophy, contemporary mathematics”. By Giuseppe Longo: