With CPNS, we share a common interest in developing a notion of architectonic modeling which we call “Digital Lineamenta”, based on a sheave-theoretic, quantum-semiotic measurement framework.

Since the lines separating philosophy and science have all but vanished with respect to recent explorations of fundamental questions (e.g., string theory, multiverse cosmologies, complexity-emergence theories, the nature of mind, etc…), the modern breakdown of ‘natural philosophy’ into the divorced partners ‘philosophy’ and ‘science’ must be rigorously re-examined. (Michael Epperson, Founder and Head of CPNS)

The Center for Philosophy and the Natural Sciences, in affiliation with the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at California State University Sacramento and the Institute of Mathematics at the University of Athens, Greece, engages in research and scholarship that explores the philosophical implications underlying recent innovations in contemporary science, including those occurring in the areas of quantum physics, cosmology, and the study of complex adaptive systems. This exploration is, in part, a speculative philosophical enterprise intended to contribute to the framework of a suitable bridge by which scientific and philosophical concepts might not only be cross-joined, but mutually supported.

In addition to our research, teaching, and publication initiatives, our mission is to foster and enhance the understanding of modern science and its philosophical, cultural, and social implications. Our work in this regard extends beyond the scholarly community and into the arena of public discourse and public policy. Topics will include the role of science and technology in society, environmental science and policy, bioethics, science education, and other practical applications.

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