ALIVE: Advancements in Adaptive Architecture
edited by Manuel Kretzer and Ludger Hovestadt,
is out and can now be ordered via Amazon.

a collection of essays by leading researchers and practitioners:
Philip Beesley, Jason Bruges, Nicola Burggraf, Vera Bühlmann, Carole Collet, Martina Decker, Stefan Dulman, Alex Haw, Ludger Hovestadt, Tomasz Jaskiewicz, Branko Kolarevic, Manuel Kretzer, Oliver David Krieg, Areti Markopoulou, Achim Menges, Aurélie Mossé, Kas Oosterhuis, Claudia Pasquero, Marco Poletto, Steffen Reichert, Jose Sanchez, John Sarik

Applied Virtuality Book Series, Vol. 8
ISBN 978–3–99043–667–7

In times where the very concept of ‘nature’ is questioned not only in its philosophical dimension, but in the core of its biological materiality, we need to reconsider the interrelations between architecture and nature. This not only applies to strategies on environmental responsibility but equally on anticipatory human behavior, transient occupation and cultural or demographic variety. To address these challenges this book proposes to embrace the unknown and cultivate the architectural discipline towards an integrated, co-operative and cross-disciplinary practice that responds to natural evolution through more than formal imitation. It unravels compelling innovative and forward-thinking design narratives by leading international practitioners and researchers who investigate novel associations between architecture, nature and humanity for a future, alive architecture. Structured around the three closely cross-linked core themes “bioinspiration,” “materiability,” and “intelligence” the book engages with the starting point of an emerging new design field, where the symbiosis of physics, biology, computing and design promises the redefinition of what we call architecture today.