The first module asks about the use and the possibility of a theory for architecture, with a specific application to and perspective on CAAD. We will be concerned with the relation between architectonics as a methodological, philosophical frame of reference and its application in architectural practice, both from a historical as well as from a structural point of view. We will especially look at the role technology plays in that relation. Different from mechanical technology which operates on the substrate of physical forces, information technology takes as its substrate information. From an architectonic point of view, how can we orientate ourselves when constructing within the symbolic and its potentiality?

The rising importance of concepts like network, field, stratum and plateau a.o. point out that we are learning to maintain a different relation with geometry and quantification, and the respective socio-political forms of organization in space and time (territorialization/ deterritorialization). On a methodological level, the possibility of synthesizing series and constructing sequences as genuinely analytical elements point to the possibility of an abstraction from the geometrical elements and the mechanical methods of aligning them. The students will be introduced to the larger problematics behind the profound changes that are characteristic for our time, as well as to some key concepts and methods for approaching and dealing with them.

The introduction into these backgrounds will help the students to develop an own position and attitude as a future architect. These embedding concepts are key for learning how to design and construct within the space of abundant potentials that the symbolic is. A great emphasis of the course will lie on training the students in a kind of architectonic close reading of demanding texts. Furthermore they will re-visit conceptual elements of their daily practice such as a plan, a line, a surface from a fresh perspective. In a final exercise the students will work out a manifesto for a general architectonics for narrative infrastructures within the symbolic. The results will be presented to the CAAD group at ETH, as well as to a final guest critic.

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