December 16 2010

Everything is less [or the Small becomes big]
Johannes S. Sistermanns sees itself as a sound sculptor (Klangplastiker). He works with the versatility of sounds. The reference of image in the sound. Electro-acoustic instruments allow him to open up the potential of an open space. Earth’s surface becomes score: Exploit in unheard fields. And, not the boundaries of the physical characteristics of instruments (eg cello, piano) are constitutive of it, but the in-band power of imagination. How everyday sounds and video images resonate surface on wood? Horizon is the transition into the atmosphere, place of transshipment.
Two vectors are distinguished from the works of Sistermanns: the exploration of the acoustic potential of spaces, places, situations, instruments as well as experimenting with the transmission of sounds on each vibrating material, such as conventional instruments, car bodies, a hotel room, a stairway.
Sistermanns has been awarded several prizes, most recently in 2008 with the ‚German Sound Art Award 2008’. His work consists among other things intermedia art projects, live-satellite and internet performances, graphical notations, radio plays, soundplastic, video scores and electro-acoustic compositions for stereo, 47 loudspeakers in the sound dome (ZKM Karlsruhe) to 2704 speakers in the wave field synthesis (TU Berlin). Performances, grants, teachings in USA, Japan, Australia, Europe.

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