The World is a Museum.

This stunningly photographed film captures the various works of Swiss artist Heinrich Lüber, for whom the world is a museum. Rather than set up his work—which usually involves his own body contorted into an unbelievable stance—in a gallery, he plays with the perception of public space, with onlookers becoming part of the art. Their slack-jawed gaze heightens the surreal nature of his installations, as we see him suspend himself off the side of buildings or hold an enormous bird in his mouth in a crowded subway station. The film not only captures the work and the onlookers, but also provides us with a behind-the-scenes look at the modelers and engineers who aid Lüber in developing contraptions that allow him to defy proportion, gravity and, in some cases, comfort. We follow Lüber through dozens of works, as he stretches the limitations of the body as well as those of our own amazement.