11. Dezember 2013

The presentation will center around two recent pieces of his artistic practice: (i) “uboc No.1 & stuVi2”, a site specific laser beam installation in Boston connecting two skyscrapers and measuring their sway by a rangemeter (http://www.bigredandshiny.com/); (ii) and “Surf'”, a concert performance using audified seismic recordings developed for the Mind The Gap Symposion in Graz (http://bit.ly/MndthGp). From there he will raises questions concerning our understanding of the (under)ground, the horizon of an artwork and thinking through sound.

Florian Dombois (*1966 in Berlin) is an artist with a special attention for sound and a Professor at ZHdK in Zurich. In his work he has focused on models, landforms, labilities, scientific and technical fictions. He lives in Cologne and Berne.