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Since 2010, the lab organizes the Metalithicum Colloquies in collaboration with the library.

From the website (www.bibliothek-oechslin.org)

The beginnings of the Werner Oechslin Library go back to a time when the study of primary sources and confirmation of findings through consultation of the originals was rarely considered important and, indeed, held in high esteem only in special fields of research. Today, attitudes towards research based on primary sources have changed radically. Uncertainty and reorientations in the humanities demand a (re-)examination of their foundations. This has led to re-evaluations and even rediscoveries. The interest in primary sources and the insight into the necessity of their study – especially regarding forms of thought, scholarly models, and attempts at integrative understanding and comprehension – is now bigger than ever, and still growing.

Thanks to years of patient preparation, the establishment of the Werner Oechslin Library has created an instrument that accommodates the needs of primary source research, responding to the interest in scholarship based on original texts. Large parts of the library have been located in Einsiedeln since 1980. This stock was considerably increased after 1985 when Werner Oechslin returned from years working in Italy, the USA, and Germany; since then the library has been systematically augmented. Encouragement from many quarters prompted the decision to turn the private library into a public institution, making it available to a larger audience of scholars. The architect Mario Botta designed a project for a new library building already in 1996; this was then constructed in several stages, surmounting numerous difficulties, over the course of the following years. On 9 June 2006 this unique library was inaugurated by Pascal Couchepin, then-member of the Swiss federal council, along with 160 other guests.

Werner Oechslin on order in libraries, forms of knowing, cosmology and architectonics (his lecture from our 4th metalithicum colloquy)