Computation is treated today as an art, just as Mechanics had been in the Renaissance and the Baroque periods. This basically means that its actual performance is widely recognized and welcome, striking in effect, unexpected, fascinating and also convincing-by-fact, while at the same time the actual methods and procedures are applied rather like recipes. Over time, this gives rise to: 1) a lot of the same, boredom. And 2) to vast disputes around ancient questions on the rôle of technics in the nature of reasoning, intelligence, science. We want to gain a better insight about the modern theoretical context of these involved topoi, and will start with reading Michael Potter‘s introductory book to the main stancesReason‘s Nearest Kin –Philosophies of Arithmetics from Kant to Carnap, Oxford University Press 2002. Meetings are held on Wednesdays, 11 am (Swiss Time) via skype, between the CAAD Chair in Zürich and the NUS / ETHZ Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore.