The applied virtuality theory lab is happy to coordinate the Swiss participation in COST Action ISCH COST Action IS1307 New Materialism: Networking European Scholarship on „How Matter Comes to Matter“ 


“New materialism is a relatively young epistemology, which has been developed in the humanities in order to reach out to the natural sciences, or bridge the two-culture divide. Its rationale pertains to the necessity, in the 21st century, to do interdisciplinary work (ecological crises, financial crisis, technologization of everyday life) and/or to find a label which may bring existing interdisciplinary work together for fruitful dialogue. The research questions that frame the action are:

  1. How to account for the metaphysical assumptions underlying our academic frameworks in order to better understand the processes of our knowledge production? How to create spaces in which the specific rules of different academic and non-academic practices of knowledge production can be made visible and thus negotiable.
  2. How to generate epistemologies that are equipped to do justice to the crises European (and non-European) societies face in the 21st century? How does a framework which is rigorous enough to be able to address economy and ecology, politics and technology, and the everyday look?
  3. How can practices of knowing be re-conceptualized and refigured in order to avoid a retrograde assignment of concepts to ‘material things’? (How) should these practices be institutionalized in European universities and among academics, policy makers and other stakeholders in Europe (and beyond)?”

Main objectives of the Action

The COST action New materialism: Networking European Scholarship on “How Matter Comes to Matter” aims to develop and interlink an emerging new materialist scholarship that uses matter and materiality as a focal point and search light in researching matters of ecology, science, technology, medicine, politics, and arts.

More info on the COST website: 

And the Memorandum of Understanding on Iris van Tuin’s site.